SIP Trunking

SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) Trunk Services are a VoIP (voice over internet protocol) service which connects a company's phone system to a traditional telephone network via an IP connection, enabling the company to make and receive multiple calls simultaneously. An SIP Trunk is a virtual phone line which provides the same service as an analogue phone line.

SIP Trunks offer an alternative to PSTN and ISDN lines, and although there are still rental and call charges associated with them, rates for rental of SIP Trunks may be slightly lower than other lines.

Some of the benefits of SIP Trunks include:

* Low installation and setup charges
* Can be provided and set up quickly
* Flexibility of phone numbers - existing numbers can be retained
* No Geographic restriction on numbers as they are attached to an IP address

The lack of Geographic restriction on numbers means that SIP Trunks are ideal for businesses who may be relocating (either in the short term due to an emergency, or permanently). They are also useful for companies who wish to create a local or national presence, for example you could have a London dialling code even though your company is based in Birmingham.

As a rule, one SIP Trunk will be needed for every 2-3 users and Discount Phone Systems can advise you on how many SIP Trunks your business will require. The speed of your internet connection will also need to be considered and possibly upgraded, depending on the quantity of phone calls.

SIP Trunks are notably cheaper than a standard phone service and can, in some cases, save your company up to 50% off its phone bill. Many providers charge a flat fee per SIP trunk which allows for unlimited use, whilst others charge a fee per trunk and cost per minute of calls placed.

At Discount Phone Systems, many of our phone systems come with SIP Trunk capabilities with most systems that do not offer this feature capable of being upgraded. Our expert advisors are happy to discuss our SIP Trunk services with you and offer advice on the best option for your business requirements.

SIP Trunking

SIP Trunks for VoIP Phone Systems

SIP Trunks for VoIP Phone Systems

SIP TRUNKING Many of our telephone systems can be upgraded, or come with SIP Trunk capabilities as standard. A SIP trunk is an alternative telephone line service to PSTN and ISDN telephone lines. Just like a standard analogue or digital ISDN telephone line there are rental charges for the service as well as call charges. Whilst the running costs of SIP trunks and standard analogue and ISDN telephone lines are similar the main benefits of SIP trunks ...
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